Highland Park Loves Crooked Cops?

It seems that the city of Highland Park, Michigan has an infatuation with disgraced cops. Seems fitting since the mayor of Highland Park, Hubert Yopp, is an ex-cop that is widely rumored to have been corrupt while on the force. Now he has a stable full of police that have been proven corrupt or are very questionable.

Standouts of Motor City News’ investigation into the matter include; police chief Chester Logan, deputy chief James Tolbert, and head detective Brian Menge all chosen because of their leadership roles within the department. We will not go into stories of others like the infamous officer William Melendez who was not only fired from Detroit but fired from Inkster Police Department after being caught on camera beating Black motorist Floyd Dent and allegedly planting drugs. Nor will we go into details about officer Ronald Dupuis who was caught on cell phone video hitting and kicking a car jacking suspect who was already contained and cuffed.

Police Chief Chester was once the acting police chief of Detroit. There are clear reasons why he was not allowed to become the permanent police chief of Detroit especially after making headlines for abuse of power for ordering cops into illegal actions against a Detroit police commissioner.

Chester Logan was denied in Detroit but found a welcome home as Police Chief in Highland Park.

Head detective Brian Menge was fired from Erie Township after the personnel committee accused him of conduct unbecoming of an officer and failing to show up in court.

Many question the hiring of white head detective Brian Menge who has been accused of racism.

Now one of the most corrupt cops in Detroit history has been hired by Highland Park under leadership of Mayor Hubert Yopp who vehemently defends the action. Former Detroit cop James Tolbert , who was accused by Michigan State Police detectives and the Wayne County prosecutor of lying to help put 14-year-old Davontae Sanford in prison for nearly 9 years, has been hired as the Deputy Police Chief of Highland Park. Officer Tolbert admitted to drawing a sketch of the quadruple murder scene then lying on the witness stand that 14-year-old Davontae Sanford had drawn it. Though the actual murderer confessed his guilt early on, the Wayne County Justice system sent the young boy to prison for nearly 9 years which would definitely produced critical psychological problems according to studies.

After sending a small 14 year old innocent child to prison, there are concerns that James Tolbert will continue the same behavior in Highland Park.

Highland Park is well known throughout Detroit for the unbecoming behavior of their police and it seems likely to continue as long as the city is under the leadership of a mayor who was once part of the same “police club”.

2 thoughts on “Highland Park Loves Crooked Cops?

  • July 21, 2019 at 9:19 pm

    The school board members voted to keep. Emergency ManagerKevin Smith even after they were no longer under emergency management. There’s only one school there. It’s a charter school. Smith’s accountant gets $8,000. Per month. Clark Hill gets millions in unnecessary legal fees. Smith’s salary is 6 digits and he’s got no education background. But because the money goes to his cronies, the residents are allowed to hire a superintendent. So more consultants are hired. 300 very poor students make Smith and friends rich. No wonder HP has the highest rate of HIV in tbe state. Residents getting screwed by these politicians.

    • July 21, 2019 at 11:48 pm

      This is one of the best article written on what is really going on in Highland pk, MI with this corrupt mayor yopp hiring his dirty cops. He is a dirty mayor and this is what dirty people do, hire other dirty people…The people of Highland PK. Got Aug 6th to make it Right by Voting yopp out and Glenda McDonald in to lead Highland Pk in the right direction. When yopp goes, James Tolbert goes!!! Otherwise, if yopp is re-elected, he is said to bring Tolbert, one of the worse cop of all time, as Chief of Police for Highland Pk. What a Disgrace.


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