Free Housing & Grants To All Detroit Residents

Human rights officers are arriving in Detroit to end many years of human rights abuse and establish drastic improvements in the lives of Detroit residents. Under the designation of “humanitarian intervention” they are informing residents of their rights and organizing them to assert their rights. With proper assertion everyone in Detroit will be enjoying decent housing for free with a very large stimulus check to supplement their newly found stability.

“There is a saying that you don’t have rights until you assert them. The Black community doesn’t know fundamental rights that can not only improve our lives but put us in a position of prosperity”‘ says human rights policy officer Ramzu Yunus. “The primary human right is the right of self-determination which is what America’s founding fathers asserted by declaring independence after they concluded that the British government would never treat them justly. What if Black people in America knew that they can simply declare independence and immediately have control over wherever we live including over $15 trillion in real estate value alone? In Detroit that is over $600 billion and enough empty properties to give every family a free home”, Yunus continues.

Human rights abuse in Detroit has included violations of the right to water, right to decent housing and a right to a remedy for the impoverished condition and economic inequality inherited from slavery. Still no matter how positive these plans by the human right group sound, they can do no good unless consented to by the people of Detroit. Once the people of Detroit say yes then there is nothing that can hinder these human rights officers from implementing these policies that instantly change the social-economic position of residents. “It will be difficult to impossible for us to find a resident who doesn’t want free housing and up to $100,000 in grant money. On July the 4th at the Coleman Young building I will be standing with Detroit residents and securing them as they declare their independent control away from a corrupt administration that steals instead of gives”, stated human rights officer Daniel Gutridge Sr. who hails from Delaware.

We will continue covering this story as the campaign for Detroiters to assert their human rights heads toward completion. Detroit residents interested in free homes and grants as well as participating on the fourth of July are encouraged to call 888.999.6530 to find out more. Also residents should visit which is the website of the new Detroit government post intervention.

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