Highland Park Residents Will Get Reparations! Mayoral Candidate to Give Homes, Grants, Pardons……

Will Highland Park/”HP” which is stigmatized with “High Poverty” now symbolize “High Prosperity”? That is what Helena Yago promises for the residents of Highland Park if she is elected as Mayor.

Helena Yago, a longtime Highland Park resident, promises a complete renewal of not just the city infrastructure but of the overall condition of its people. “The dire economic condition that African American residents find themselves in is rooted in lack of owned real estate and entrepreneurial productivity” says Yago, “Black people have never controlled the means of commercial production that serves us nor have we ever had the monetary resources to begin such businesses as we busy ourselves working for others just to barely pay rent and buy food. Criminal activity is a natural repercussion of this type of economic condition”.

If elected to the mayor position, Yago promises to remedy the people’s condition by giving free homes to all in need, grant money, and pardoning all nonviolent poverty-related crimes so that residents will have a fresh start to prosper while living “tax-free”. Some residents interviewed by Motor City News questioned if such promises by Yago can be met, not realizing that lawfully ultimate political power is in the hands of the residents and if they collectively/democratically support what a Mayor Yago proposes then nothing can prevent her actions including city council. If such happens at the hands of a Mayor Helena Yago, the Highland Park residents will be the first African American citizens in the United States to receive the decades long hoped for reparations that is now enjoying the national spotlight.

Just recently there was a congressional hearing on reparations in Washington, D.C. Advocates of reparations express that the present condition of African Americans stem from slavery and that if compensation was given as promised by President Abraham Lincoln then today’s generation would be more independent and wealthy with less social ills such as crime that plagues many low-income communities.

Motor City News will remain on top of the Highland Park elections with keen interest to see if Helena Yago is afforded the opportunity as mayor to make Highland Park and its residents the perfect picture of prosperity. If interested one can engage candidate Helena Yago via her website: www.mayoryago.com or Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/helenayago2019/

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