Mayor Duggan: Under Federal Scrutiny…Again

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan stands poised as another program under his administration’s watch is under federal scrutiny concerning management of federal funding.

Motor City Match is a program intended to help small business thrive in Detroit but the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Department is reviewing whether the program is misusing money meant for business owners.

Jim Cunningham, deputy regional administrator of HUD’s regional office said, “Following a routine monitoring of Detroit’s block grant program, we recommended the city improve its record-keeping and documentation procedures to ensure federal taxpayer dollars are tracked appropriately”. “HUD and the City of Detroit are working closely together to address these findings so, together, we can make certain lower-income Detroit residents get the full benefit of these funds.”

Such arising issues do not help the current administration who are facing the fight of their lives as programs like Detroit Free Grant Money are organizing together to recall current government officials and install a council that will leverage city assets and give large monetary grants to every adult resident of the city.

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