Emergency Stimulus & Free Housing to African Americans

Following United Nations mandated actions, Human Rights Policy Officers, have declared a humanitarian crisis national emergency concerning the African American community. The group is organizing African Americans to invoke their human right of self-determination and take independent political control of their cities or areas in which they are a majority.

Ramzu Yunus makes a declaration and has began organizing in Detroit, Michigan

“Our community has been in a crisis caused by the poverty inherited from slavery. Once we take independent political control over our cities then we immediately have $15 trillion in value which can be leveraged to give Black people monetary stimulus grants or reparations plus free housing” says Ramzu Yunus who is a trustee of Reparations Bank and a human rights policy officer. Reparations Bank, which is expected to reach at least 20 million account holders, is a digital wallet to dispense and transact with the grant money that credits each account with $100,000 in value upon registering.

Legal professionals whom we spoke to all verify that the grant rewarding can indeed occur via the route proposed by the human rights group, but will require what is considered a radical act by the majority of African Americans. Never before have African Americans invoked their right of self-determination to take independent political control though it is considered the most important right as found in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Seen here with President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Ramzu Yunus may have been influenced by them who also initiated such programs in their nations.

Human Rights Policy Officers are encouraging African Americans to open up a free account at Reparations Bank (www.reparationsbank.com) and apply for free housing (www.freehomes.info). These sites contain the instructions of assembly and a special vote (consent withdrawal) to be able to quickly attain the benefits. The group says its hotline (888.999.6530) stays busy as people sign up by the thousands.

All eyes are on this unprecedented action that can rescue the African American community in the midst of another crisis involving the corona virus. With such benefits on the table, the government is expecting a “stampede of participation” since this is an anxiously awaited event. Who wouldn’t be motivated?!

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  • April 22, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    hello im mr. west .what documents do you have so that i may present this to my slumloard aka landlord ? i live in dallas texas 75216 please help now .


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